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Cooking up revolutionary fervor in Bushwick

By Bilal Lakhani Isabel Sadurni was on a mission. She had come early to a non-descript room in Bushwick, to personally ensure that everything was in order for the screening of “What’s organic about organic?” a documentary exposé on organic food. Sadurni, an award winning independent filmmaker herself, was hosting the screening inside a multi-purpose […]

Brooklyn, You Can Drive My Car

By Lillian Rizzo As a Brooklynite without a car driver’s license, I’ve always wondered whether I was alone. It turns out less than half of Brooklyn’s residents have licenses and about 30 percent actually own a car. Here the Ink breaks down the numbers of who is actually on Brooklyn’s streets, the BQE and the […]

The Week Ahead

By Melanie Brisbon Good Morning! Welcome to the Brooklyn Ink!  Here’s what we’re going to follow in the coming week. *New Yorkers know the name “Brooklyn” is leveraged to market products and services throughout the city, but many businesses outside the state are also using the Brooklyn brand to promote their products. The Ink will explore […]

The Other Kings County: Not a Parallel Universe

By M. Bilal Lakhani, Lillian Rizzo and Saskia de Rothschild We are not alone. Roughly 2,887 miles from Borough Hall, there is another Kings County. It is 14 times the size of ours, it has three state prisons and by our calculation there are twice as many cows as there are people. Welcome to Kings […]

After the Rampage, Quiet, But Rage Online

By Kim Chakanetsa and Lillian Rizzo On Sunday, two days after Maksim Gelman fatally stabbed three people in Sheepshead Bay, the neighborhood was quiet. The sole physical evidence of the events that happened the previous day was at the local news stand in Sheepshead Bay. Tagged as “Brooklyn’s madman” by New York City tabloids, Gelman’s […]

Brooklyn’s Love Numbers

By Elisabeth Anderson Happy Valentine’s Day, Brooklyn. We wanted to get you roses, but the logistics are proving a challenge. So instead, we present you with our earnest gift of affection: facts and stats about relationships in the borough you call home. We know, “Valentine’s Day” and “statistics” is an odd pair. But indulge us […]

Bay Ridge Euphoric with Mubarak’s Fall

By Jeremy B. White Egyptians in Bay Ridge gathered on the street this morning in an impromptu celebration of President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, joining themselves to the ebullient protesters surging through the streets of Cairo. After noon prayer services concluded at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on 67th Street and 5th Avenue, people poured […]