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Life After Hasidism

Imagine you’re a Hasidic Jewish boy of perhaps five years old. By this time, like other Hasidic boys, you’ve already been attending heder, primary school, for two years. Six days a week you rise early. Maybe you take the bus, if you live in the Hasidic community of Borough Park, or maybe you walk, if […]

Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jewish Communities to Feature on Oprah’s New Show

As part of her new television series premiering in January, media mogul Oprah Winfrey made stops in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Heights and Borough Park to immerse herself in the daily life of the Hasidic Jewish community, says The Brooklyn Paper. While filming for the segment, Winfrey talked to families, enjoyed a traditional meal and toured a Brooklyn […]

City Threatens to Shut Down Orthodox Bus Line

According to the New York Post, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has sent “a strongly worded letter” to the owner of the B110 bus, which runs from Borough Park to Williamsburg. The letter is a response to a discrimination claim. A couple of days ago, The New York World, one of Columbia Journalism School’s newspapers, […]

What a Pickle?!

Manhattan’s pain is Brooklyn’s gain. Guss’ Pickles is moving on from the Lower East Side to Borough Park, as Yepoka Yeebo reported yesterday. Now watch her video, in which the neighborhood newbie shows us how it’s done.

Better Brine in Brooklyn?

Guss’ Moves Lock, Stock and Barrels to BK By Yepoka Yeebo After 90 years of being a legendary LES institution Guss’ Pickles is loving its new home in Borough Park. “We started selling for Passover last Sunday,” said Pat Fairhurst, who has worked at the store, now at 39th and 15th, since 2004. “We’ve moved […]

The Everyday Voter

Our Sudip Mukherjee also spoke with two residents in the area who went to cast their vote at PS 160. Issac Korman, who lives near the school wasn’t able to vote at PS 160 because he lives in a different district. “No one told me there was an election,” Korman said who inquired about voting […]

Canvasing The Neighborhood

Our Sudip Mukherjee spoke with Chonie Boymelgreen, a 24-year-old canvaser for Joe Lazar, passing out flyers near PS 160. Boymelgreen said the Lazar campaign ramped up efforts to get out the vote, calling voters and mailing flyers. “It wasn’t crazy like a primary or a real election, but there are certainly people who came out […]

View From Behind The Curtain

Our Sudip Mukherjee brings us the latest from poll worker Sindy Tam at PS 160 in Borough Park. Tam, who has been working as a Chinese interperator for the past 10 years at PS 185, said that not many people came out to vote. “I don’t think a lot of people knew about the election,” Tam […]