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The Old Man and The Bridge

Whenever John Manbeck, an 80-year-old retired professor of English and former Brooklyn borough historian, drives across the Brooklyn Bridge, he stays in the middle lane. “Drivers tend to drift toward the edges,” said Manbeck. Manbeck studies how people move. On a July afternoon, he led a walking tour of the bridge. Manbeck said that he […]

Vice President Biden Visits Brooklyn Bridge

Vice President Joe Biden was in Brooklyn Wednesday, along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other New York officials, to mark the beginning of an intensive face lift to the 127 year-old Brooklyn Bridge. The work is expected to cost $500 million, $286 million of which is city money. About $30 million is from the federal […]

Road Work Ahead for DUMBO

Construction has begun on street and bridge renovations that will ultimately see the Brooklyn Bridge repainted and resurfaced, while the Manhattan Bridge receives new suspension cables. The road work to support bridge construction will be done primarily on Water Street and Washington Street and is expected to wrap up during summer 2011. Meanwhile, heavy traffic […]

Mornin’, Brooklyn!

Looks like the tourists are at it again, crowding otherwise pleasant spots and just lingering. This is bad news for Brooklyn Bridge bikers and joggers who want the space to take advantage of the clear and sunny days like today, which, by the way, will be 70 degrees.

Bridge bikers bemoan tourists

The increasing appearance of warmer-weather tourists frustrates pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Brooklyn Bridge—a delicate a narrow lane of traffic is becoming more precarious than the pleasure stroll many intended.

The Perfect Shot

By Alessia Pirolo Where the Brooklyn Bridge reaches Brooklyn, just before the sunset of a perfect October day, a man put his arms around a woman’s waist. They looked at each other. They smiled. “Stop. Stop. Don’t look at her,” shouted a photographer, who stared at the couple through the lens of a professional camera. […]