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Brooklyn Still Better Off Than 2000, Report Says

NYU has released a new report, asking the age-old question, “Where’s the money?” (in Brooklyn). It’s 20 pages, so you probably shouldn’t take an hour from the work day to read it. Instead, we did it for you. Here’s what’s been going down (and up) in Brooklyn in the last decade: Shocking Fact #1: The […]

Is Fort Greene affordable?

With the rising cost of living, residents of Fort Greene are feeling the squeeze. The Fort Greene Association is answering questions and providing tips on how to make Fort Greene affordable at Lafayette Presbyterian Church, 85 S. Oxford St. tonight at 7:30.

A Day In the Life at Red Hook Houses

By Miranda Lin When the first 1,408 units of the Red Hook Houses were opened in 1939, they boasted the best technology could provide: self-operating elevators, incinerators in every hallway, gas ranges, electric fridges and a laundry room under each building. In 1955, another apartment block called was added, making the Red Hook Houses the […]

Crown Heights institution fights threat of closure

The building used was sold earlier this year with the expectation that all the tenants would leave. But the community — a term that encompasses everyone from elected officials to the bar’s regular stable of crotchety seniors who take the place over in the afternoons — is trying to find a way to keep the Starlite Lounge in business for another 50 years.