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OWS Crowd Disperses to Plan “Day of Action”

Zuccotti Park was less crowded on Wednesday, but Occupy Wall Street members insisted that the movement is not losing steam as they prepared several dramatic gestures for Thursday in protest of Tuesday’s early morning police eviction and a court order banning tents and sleeping bags in the park. Only a few dozen protestors were milling […]

OWS Building More Permanent Home Online

The OWS protestors lost their makeshift homes in Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning, but the movement has found a more permanent resting place in the online community. Protestors are now working on ways to unify their social media efforts and connect “Occupy” groups across the country.

Occupy Wall Street Prepares Protests Nationwide

The Occupy Wall Street movement is preparing coordinated protests in major cities across the United States for Thursday. The UK’s Guardian reports Occupiers in New York have planned events in all five boroughs throughout the city, beginning with the disruption of the New York Stock Exchange’s opening bell on Wall Street, and culminating in a […]

Occupy Paris Expelled from La Défense

In sync with a global sweep by local police forces against Occupy movements, French Occupy, or Les Indignés, had their camp in La Défense raided last night by French authorities. Protesters captured the crackdown on video and described it as violent, RFI reports. Around 100 police moved on the camp, which is in a financial district on […]

Occupy Berkeley Protesters Brace for Arrest

Defying a ban on camping, protesting students and fellow anti-Wall Street activists have continued setting up tents Wednesday on the campus of University of California at Berkeley, and have been told by campus police they are risking arrest, The Washington Times reports. Thousands were rallying on the Berkeley campus as recently as Tuesday. Daniel Ellsberg, leaker […]

Occupy Toronto Wins Injunction Against Eviction

Protesters participating in Occupy Toronto won an injunction temporarily protecting their St. James Park encampment from police action, Canada’s CBC News reports. Judge David Brown granted the temporary stay last night after eviction notices were handed out early Tuesday morning, hours after New York City police cleared Zuccotti Park, the main encampment of Occupy Wall […]

Occupy San Francisco Called “Illegal”

After dismantling fifteen tents and arresting seven protesters at Occupy San Francisco last night, local police chief John Loftus told the main encampment in Justin Herman Plaza over loudspeaker that their encampment was illegal, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. No raid followed Loftus’ statements, but protesters are on alert, the report states. Occupy San Francisco […]