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Trying to Turn Ex-Commuters into Consumers

By Richard Nieva Brooklyn College’s first-ever student dormitory has brought a new influx of students to what was historically a commuter campus, and with half the school year almost over, local businesses continue trying to figure out ways to engage this new population. Merchants in the area have been experimenting with different ways to encourage […]

Voter Turnout is ‘Too Damn’ Low

By Richard Nieva While Jimmy McMillan’s “Rent is Too Damn High” party may not have much chance of winning the New York gubernatorial race on Tuesday, he is hoping that his everyman message will resonate in his home base of Flatbush, Brooklyn, a neighborhood with historically low voter turnout. McMillan, the 64-year-old former postal worker […]

From sketchbook to iPad

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis create comic books in Ellis’s home studio in Brooklyn. But more important than where they are made is where they will end up—not in a neighborhood comic book store, but directly onto the iPhone or iPad.