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The Phone Whisperer

By Idil Abshir Rob Pettit is probably the only person in the world who owns five thousand dead cell phones, and for him, they work just fine. Pettit, a Ditmas Park resident, is an artist who has been making art installations out of dead cell phones since 2006. In his Park Slope studio, dead phones […]

Letter from DUMBO: Making Zombies

By Cambrey N Thomas I got off the elevator on the 5th floor at 55 Washington St. in Dumbo and followed the sandwich board signs to the Etsy Labs. A few turns down a winding hallway later and I was signing in for “Craft Night: Make a Zombie with Diana Schoenbrun.” Visitors to the labs […]

From sketchbook to iPad

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis create comic books in Ellis’s home studio in Brooklyn. But more important than where they are made is where they will end up—not in a neighborhood comic book store, but directly onto the iPhone or iPad.

Letter From Williamsburg: Winemaking 101

By Ceylan Yeginsu As I turned the corner from Bedford Avenue onto North 8th Street and glimpsed the giant chalk sign that read ‘Brooklyn Winery,’ I started to picture plush ripe grapes and giant wooden barrels of crimson wine. What I didn’t imagine was what it takes to get from the former to the latter. […]

First Friday at the Loom

By Joe Proudman Ray Cross is just setting up as I walk into the Loom. He quickly slips his blue ink-stained apron over his head. He’s wearing a black shirt with a blue design he printed years ago. He is a tall young guy and thin, with brown hair that is covered by a green […]

Letter from Bensonhurst: Golden Age Club

by Mariya Karimjee The woman at the rectory told me that the Golden Age Club met every Wednesday for a few at the St Athanasius Catholic School auditorium.  I expected a gathering of 15 or 25 people. The room was packed when I walked in. The noise bounced off the wall and echoed around the […]