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The Anarchivists: Who Owns the Occupy Wall Street Narrative?

On Nov 15, NYPD officers raided Zuccotti Park, and the Occupy Wall Street movement lost its space. Now groups and institutions—including the Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of American History, NYU’s Tamiment Library and the New York Historical Society-- are working to enshrine the movement in the form of an archive.

But who, in the end, will get to tell the definitive story?


Brooklyn Assemblyman Faces New Charges of Bribery

William F. Boyland Jr., a Democratic assemblyman who was acquitted less than three weeks ago in a bribery trial, was rearrested on Tuesday and charged with soliciting more than $250,000 in bribes in return for carrying out official acts on behalf of the bribe payers, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn said. Read the full story at...


Brooklyn Dodgers catcher Bill Bergen, 45 consecutive hitless at-bats: The Independent

Dodgers Bill Bergen makes a not-so-distinguished appearance on an outstanding streaks list. The defensive catcher was notoriously useless when on the offensive. Among his embarrassing batting records was a run of 45 consecutive at-bats without a base hit. Bergen set the record in 1909, yet incredibly it was broken this year by Eugenio Velez, a...


Grimaldi’s set to move after landlord dispute- City Room

A heady perfume of cheese, tomatoes and crispy coal-fired crust wafts onto the sidewalk of Old Fulton Street, intoxicating enough to cause tourists to snap pictures and queue in stomach-growling anticipation. But few know the gritty, gooey story behind Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, the internationally recognized hot spot in Brooklyn at the center of a changing season...


Suketu Mehta on Brooklyn’s awakening (2005- essay)

For me, Brooklyn became a neighborhood one steamy August night in 2003. It was the night of the great Northeastern Blackout. In Park Slope, volunteers were out directing traffic at every intersection, even if the drivers laughed at them and zoomed past. Other Brooklynites shared phones and flashlights, or helped the elderly down dark stairwells....


Can Richard Dare save the Brooklyn Philharmonic?- Capital NY

Forced from its performing space at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which it had called home since 1861, and facing a financial freefall, the orchestra cancelled its 2009-2010 season, its image tarnished and subscriber base eviscerated. Since then a lot has been placed on Pierson’s shoulders. Expectations are high, in part a function of his...


Brooklynite has plan to eradicate ATM fees- Business Insider

Clint Townsend, a 25-year-old from Brooklyn, started a business that could end ATM fees for good: He’s building a network of ATMs that dispense cash for free. The catch is that consumers must be willing to watch some advertising while their money is dispensed. Full story at Business Insider: