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The Conversation: How to Talk to the Bereaved

By Aliza Moorji Photos by Tatiana Sanchez and Amaris Castillo [imagebrowser id=7] The first thing that Pat Marmo asks the bereaved is to tell him about the deceased. Then he asks about the funeral. Marmo is manager of Schaefer Funeral Home in Bay Ridge. He has been in the funeral business since 1991. He took...


Undertaker U: Where Funeral Directors Learn their Stuff

By Evan MacDonald and Audrey Yoo For many, college is a chance to meet new people while living away from home for the first time. Students at American Academy McAllister Institute meet new people, too. Many of them just happen to be dead. McAllister, located in Midtown Manhattan, is one of five schools in New...


Last Word: The Business of Obituaries in Brooklyn

By Kim Chakanetsa In an age of e-memorials and three-letter postings on Facebook pages, traditional obituaries can start to feel a little…quaint. But obituaries are not completely — pardon the pun — dead.  They’re a business. Paying tribute in the obituary section can be expensive or free – depending on where you live in Brooklyn....


A Grave Situation: Space Scarce In Brooklyn’s Crowded Cemeteries

By Saskia de Rothschild and Jeremy B. White Brooklyn’s cemeteries illustrate two immutable principles: death is universal, and space in New York City is at a premium. Many of Brooklyn’s cemeteries have run out of space, and others are searching for ways to be as efficient as possible with dwindling stocks of open plots. Prices...


Death by Numbers

By Elisabeth Anderson, M. Bilal Lakhani & Lillian Rizzo We know this is not necessarily what you want to be thinking about or talking about.  But we’re going to tell you anyway. Because, well, it comes to us all. Heart disease leads. More Brooklyn residents die of heart disease than any other cause.  It’s followed...