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Old Greek Church

By Stefanos Chen   The service was already running late when the priest asked the choir to join him at the altar. It took close to three minutes for the elderly choir members to walk or wheel their way down the aisle. The priest explained that the Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church of Brooklyn was...


Searching For What Soviets Took Away

The sons and daughters of Russian Jewish immigrants converse over frothy beers at the Jewish Center in Brighton Beach. They are here, ostensibly, to study the books of Jewish law, something their parents could not do when they lived in the Soviet Union.


Cabbie’s Anti-Semitic Website Shut Down

Al-Khattab, 40, was formerly a Jew named Joseph Cohen, who grew up and lived amongst the Hassidic communities in Williamsburg. He converted to Islam in 2004. According to Warner and other critics, he has used his site to incite violence against Jewish people and has been known to be openly anti-semitic.