Varying Opinions on Goldstein’s Holdout and Payout


Websites and blogs dedicated to opposing the Atlantic Yards project have published myriad opinions on Daniel Goldstein’s $3 million payout to vacate his apartment.

Brooklyn Speaks, a website advocating that Atlantic Yards must work for the people of Brooklyn says, “Daniel Goldstein has made a tremendous contribution to increasing public awareness of the issues of process, transparency and equity associated with the Atlantic Yards project. It is regrettable that he and many others have been forced to leave their homes.” In a statement on the homepage, Brooklyn Speaks urges an ongoing campaign to hold Atlantic Yards’s developers to early promises of public space.

Atlantic Yards Report discusses Bertha Lewis, CEO of the housing advocacy group ACORN, who sent a scathing email to reporters lambasting Goldstein for being a self-interested obstructionist. “Finally, he got what he really wanted,” she wrote, as reported in the Observer. “A Deal. Not for the community he claimed to love so much, but for the only beneficiary of his community of one, himself, Double Dealing Danny Goldstein.”

Nolandgrab, further discusses Lewis’s email, complete with criticism of her role in the project.

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