Cabbie’s Anti-Semitic Website Shut Down

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By Nikhil Kumar K.S.

The anti-semitic website, that was run by Yousef Al-Khattab, a New York cab driver, has been shut down. Private investigator Bill Warner told the Ink today that he succeeded in convincing the service that hosted the controversial website to discontinue its services for Al-Khattab. Neither the hosting service nor Al-Khattab were available for comment.

Al-Khattab, 41*, was formerly a Jew named Joseph Cohen, who grew up and lived amongst the Hassidic communities in Williamsburg. He converted to Islam “almost a decade ago.”* According to Warner and other critics, he has used his site to incite violence against Jewish people and has been known to be openly anti-semitic.

Al-Khattab was the subject of an extensive profile by the Ink in March 2009.

*Corrections made as per Mr. Al-Khattab’s correspondence.

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