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by K. S. Nikhil Kumar

Exactly a month after the earthquake struck Haiti, several Haitian Americans in New York City, mostly based in Brooklyn, came to seek solace at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sunset Park. The service was presided over by Chief Bishop of the Brooklyn Diocese, Nicholas DiMarzio.

Equally significant was the presence of Bishop Guy Sansaricq, the only Haitian born Bishop in the United States, who has emerged as a fatherly figure for many Haitians seeking spiritual help in the aftermath of this crisis. The Bishop made a speech before the service in which he thanked the international community for responding to the earthquake with much material and monetary support. He also asked that spiritual support be sent Haiti’s way.

The gathering organized by Deacon Donelson Thievenin, also of Haitian decent, was a deeply emotional affair since many in attendance had lost immediate relatives back in Haiti. They placed candles at the front of the church to remember the departed.

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