Brooklyn’s Red Honey Must Come to an End

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Last week The New York Times reported an odd occurrence: Brooklyn bees were producing honey as red as a cherry. That red color actually came from a nearby maraschino cherry factory. The factory is now working with bee experts to find a way to keep the bees out of the syrup without killing them.

Andrew Coté, president of the New York City Beekeepers Association, and Vivian Wang, from the Natural Resources Defense Council, went to the cherry factory in Red Hook to pinpoint where the bees were pollinating and how they could stop it, reports The Consumerist.

It looks like the bees are dipping in the syrup while vats of it are being transported. “It doesn’t take much,” Wang said. “Once one forager finds a source like that, they’re back at the hive waggling to let all of their fellow workers know about it.”

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