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By Audrey Yoo, Aliza Moorji, Bilal Lakhani, Tatiana Sanchez and Ivana Kottasová

Brooklyn loves blogging.

There are as many Brooklyn-based blogs as there are topics to blog about. Food, fashion, events, music, nature, kids, and politics — Brooklyn bloggers have them covered.

The Ink looked around to find bloggers who have a voice in Brooklyn. Here is our selection of the most interesting, fun, and surprising blogs out there.

If we missed an interesting blog you know about please let us know in the comments!

Click on the pictures below to read and watch a video about a photo blogger, a nature blogger, and a family blog.


Photos: (left to right) Jenna Park/Sweetfineday, Ivana Kottasová/The Brooklyn Ink, Tatiana Sanchez/The Brooklyn Ink, front page photo: AP
Graphics: Ivana Kottasová/The Brooklyn Ink

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