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We asked protesters what it would take for them to leave Zuccotti Park…

[simpleviewer gallery_id=”11″ bgcolor=”ffffff” gallery_width =”100%” gallery_height =”550″]There is no set end date for Occupy Wall Street. Protesters have been in the park for 24 days and counting, and many feel that they will be there for longer. The goals of OWS are as diffuse as its participants—bank regulation, dissolve of the Federal Reserve, more rights for the middle class. Demands have been made and manifestos issued, but the occupation continues regardless. The Brooklyn Ink wanted to see what the individual protesters wanted for their hours and days spent at Zuccotti Park, so Jonathan Tayler and Xin Hui Lim asked them one question: What would it take to get you to leave? We then asked them to share their answer on a whiteboard in their own words. Here’s what they said.

Photos by Xin Hui Lim/ The Brooklyn Ink




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