Sex Assault Fears Grip South Brooklyn

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Over the last seven months, residents of south Brooklyn have been living in fear of sexual assault. Various outlets have reported that 20 attacks, including one rape, have taken place since March and continue to take place even despite a recent arrest.

Building on the Brooklyn Ink’s previous coverage, we sent out our reporters to four neighborhoods—Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge and Windsor Terrace—to talk to the locals and get a sense of how these attacks are impacting the people and how they feel about their safety.

For some extra reading, check out today’s Daily News, which has an article on free self-defense classes for local women. NY1’s website has a look at how the police have been trying to handle the crisis. Metro New York has a story on Police Commissioner Ray Kelly asking other potential victims to step forward as they look for the perpetrators. And also check out Gothamist, which has been covering the story for the last month or so.

And if you’re a south Brooklyn resident with something to say about the assaults, let us know! Shoot us an email at thebrooklynink(at), or tell us on Twitter (@TheBrooklynInk).

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