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It was a violent weekend in the borough. Late Friday afternoon a gunman opened fire outside of an elementary school in Brownsville. One parent was killed and one child and another parent were also injured, according to WNYC.  The parent who was killed, Zurana Horton, was previously reported to have been pregnant, but the medical report now shows that she was not. Horton did have 13 children, and was seen protecting several children from gunfire before being shot, according to Gothamist.

On Thursday, a 65-year-old woman was shot dead in Coney Island, in broad daylight, according to Gothamist. Police are looking for the suspect, who apparently rides a pink girls’ bike, according the New York Daily News.

Early Sunday morning more than 100 firefighters were called to a two-alarm fire in a Brooklyn synagogue, according to NBC New York.

In some better news from the borough, a 12-year old Brooklyn, boy who had gone missing over the weekend from his family’s upstate home, was found on Sunday, according to CBS.

In light of Obama’s recent announcement that all U.S. troops will withdrawal from Iraq by the end of the year, we are wondering how this war has affected Brooklyn.  We have reaching out to those families affected by the war.

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