Puppy Killer Faces Up to Two Years in Jail

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Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, where the injured dogs were treated. (Photo Courtesy of ASPCA)
Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, where the injured dogs were treated. (Photo Courtesy of ASPCA)

By Laura Kusisto

A 25-year-old Brooklyn man was convicted today of beating a six-month-old puppy to death.

Dudley Ramsay faces up to two years in prison for the October 2006 killing of his 11-pound dachshund puppy, Junior.

“I think I need help with anger management because I killed my first dog too,” Ramsay told an officer from the Humane Law Enforcement Agency, which is run by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, several hours after his arrest.

Officer Richard Ryan testified Wednesday at the Kings County Supreme Court veterinary hospital called him after Ramsay brought in his dachshund, Junior, with six broken ribs and damage to his lungs and spine. The dog died within 24 hours of being admitted.

Ramsay is 5’9” and 260 pounds, according to the police report. In court he wore a three-piece suit and sparkling diamond jewelry.

Police also found Ramsay’s first dog, another dachshund named Viola, buried in his girlfriend’s backyard. Her skull had been broken. He was acquitted today on charges related to this incident.

Ramsay’s attorney, Douglas Rankin, said his client’s decision to take the dog to the hospital shows he didn’t intend to hurt him. He bathed Junior, gave him medicine and took him to the vet twice the week before he died.

“He was always remorseful,” said Rankin in a phone interview. “He never intended for any of this to happen.”

The humane agency investigates over 5,000 cases a year, according to Joseph Pentangelo, a spokesperson. Agency officers are often former members of the N.Y.P.D. and carry weapons. Recently, they have also turned to DNA evidence to assist in their investigations. They make about 52 arrests annually. So far this year the agency has made 14 arrests, ahead of this time last year, according to Pentangelo.

“People hurt the things that are precious to them, and animals fall into that category,” Pentangelo SAID in a phone interview. Even with strict penalties, HE ADDED, the cases are difficult to investigate. “Animals can’t speak for themselves.”

Ramsay will be sentenced May 7. His lawyer intends to ask for probation in this case.

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