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By Lillian Rizzo

The house were Han Min Pan stabbed four people, killing one.(The Brooklyn Ink/Lilian Rizzo)
The house were Han Min Pan allegedly stabbed four people, killing one.(The Brooklyn Ink/Lillian Rizzo)

Rocky Feliciano had been sitting in the garage at Treacy Auto at 1725 Gravesend Neck Road on a Friday evening when he heard a scream from across the street. He figured it was just another noise coming from a neighbor, he said, and so did not respond.

But a few minutes later he heard a different scream. A woman came running from the brick corner house directly across the street on Gravesend Neck Road. “The lady came out and was screaming ‘help, help’ so I called an ambulance,” said Feliciano.

Feliciano, wiping his oily hands and staring at the house, shook his head and alternated from staring at the house and the floor in front of the garage.

On Friday at 5:45 p.m. Han Min Pan, 45, of 2132 76 St. in Bensonhurst, allegedly stabbed four people, living at 2260 E. 18 St., and killing one of them, police reported. According to the police, Pan used a kitchen knife to kill Jie Mei, 29, the sister of his ex-wife. Police said the ex-wife was not home.

The auto shop where Rocky Feliciano works, across the street from where Jie Mei was killed.
The auto shop where Rocky Feliciano works, across the street from where Jie Mei was killed. (The Brooklyn Ink/Lillian Rizzo)

It was reported that Pan forced his way into the East 18 Street house and demanded money from his ex-wife’s family. Mei and Pan argued before he began stabbing her in the face and torso and two other women and a 4-year-old boy were slashed also. Pan was caught by police a few blocks from the site and has been charged with second-degree murder, among other charges.

When Feliciano was signaled to call an ambulance, the 38-year-old unidentified female victim pulled him inside the house. He says a coworker followed behind him and they entered the house to find the 62-year-old unidentified woman, reportedly the grandmother, crying and someone else lying on the ground. Police say the 62-year-old had multiple stab wounds to the torso.

“It looked bad,” said Feliciano of the woman on the floor. His partner, he added, “heard her gargling and there was blood everywhere. He told me he thought she had passed and it was just bad.”

Feliciano remained on the phone with the police as his partner checked out the rest of the victims. They also sat down the two children who live in the house outside. He said both of the children were crying hysterically and he didn’t think they spoke English.

“He was just pointing to his shoulder, so I pulled his shirt aside and saw it was gashed,” Feliciano said of the 4-year-old. The unidentified child is currently in stable condition at Lutheran Hospital, along with the other two women.

As he finished recalling the Friday night that ended in a 911-phone call, Feliciano got back to work. A customer spoke to him while he was working under the hood of a car and mentioned the word hero.

“You know my mom said that to me last night when I got home and told her. But I don’t think so,” Feliciano said.  “I didn’t really do anything. I just wish I came outside when I heard the first screams.”

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