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Here We Go Again

By Saskia Rothchild, Amaris Castillo, and Jeremy B. White

Manuel Martinez

“It’s delicious, rich. It’s a blessing from God because it gives me work,” said Manuel Martinez, 48, on the mountain of snow he found this morning. The handyman who maintains several buildings in Crown Heights said that shoveling helps keep him in shape.


“I thought ‘Oh man, I’ve got to shovel more snow than I anticipated,” said Moses, a 58-year-old Flatbush resident. Moses, who declined to give his last name, said he had been shoveling the snow around his 1990 Dodge van for 45 minutes this morning. He expected another 45 minutes before the snow was cleared.

Patrick McFarlin

“He loves the snow. According to him, heaven is made of snow. He loves to eat it,” said Patrick McFarlin, 25, about his dog, Marlo. McFarlin took Marlo, for a walk this morning and late last night. The 7-month-old dog could hardly contain his excitement.

Heard on Franklin Avenue
“People say ‘Its cold’. No shit. Get a pint of liquor – you’ll be alright,” said a man to his friend as both men walked down the middle of Franklin Ave.

“Eh, what can I do? It’s Mother Nature,” said Garry Woodley, a 44-year-old Crown Heights resident. Woodley cleaned his vehicle this morning with a special broom. “I can’t get mad. It’s part of life.”

Heard on Eastern Parkway
“Not easy this morning,” said a woman dressed in a long beige coat with fur lining the collar as she studied the uneven snow below her.

“Not easy,” agreed a man beside her.

Heard on Prospect Place
“Bloomberg – so much talk about how he’s going to maintain the streets. Here, no truck has passed by. That’s why there are so many deaths and accidents.  Bloomberg isn’t doing anything,” said Jose Caseres, 38, as he shoveled snow in front of his building.

Heard on Graham Avenue
“No muffins today! They are pretty lenient on their snow days at the muffin company,” said the waitress at the Variety coffee shop to a hungry customer.

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