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By Ivana Kottasová

The Census 2010 data are out. How did Brooklyn change in the past decade?
More populous. And more crowded.
Kings County remains the most populated area in New York State.

Some 2,504,700 people live in the borough — 1.6 percent or 39,374 people more than 10 years ago.
One hundred years ago 1,634,351 people lived in the borough.

There are 35,369 people living in every square mile of Brooklyn, which translates into 785 square feet of space for every resident — roughly an area of six small parking.

594,378 people are 18 or younger.

The borough has now more Asian residents than a decade ago. Looking at the data, it seems like they replaced black Americans.

-1,072,041 or 42.8 percent of Brooklyn residents are white, compared to 41 percent 10 years ago

-860,083 or 34.3 percent are black, compared to 36 percent in 2000

-262,276 or 10.5 percent are Asian compared to 7.5 percent a decade ago
-13,524 or 0.5 percent are Native American or Alaska Native

-496,285 or 19.8 percent Hispanic, which is exactly the same number as 10 years ago.

Meanwhile, across the country more than half of the total population growth was due to a huge increase in Hispanic population. The Hispanic population grew by 43 percent, compared to only 5 percent growth of non-Hispanic population.

So why doesn’t the borough reflect that population surge? According to demographers most of the growth in the Hispanic population took place on the American west.

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