November on the Boardwalk

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A couple busily snap photographs of the ocean view as seen from the boardwalk at Coney Island. He wears a white jacket and she a black one, jeans and sunglasses.

“We should go down there,” she tells him, pointing towards the beach.

The sunrays hit brilliantly on the boardwalk on this cold, windy November day. The amusement park and “Scream Zone” are closed at this hour in the afternoon and only a scattering parents with children are about. A few of the restaurants are open, catering to scarce customers. Edward Maya’s, “If This is My Life,” blasts from a stereo from one of the restaurants.

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A couple with their three young children snaps pictures of the boardwalk’s panorama.

“Honey, I want a picture by myself over there,” the mother, wearing a black bubble jacket, jeans, sunglasses, and boots tells the father. Her blond hair flows in the wind. Two of her children are in a double stroller, a girl with her blond hair and a boy with his father’s dark hair. His wife nags him again to take her photo and he snaps. “Alright, alright, I’m taking the picture.” He takes the photograph, calms down and smiles at her. She returns his smile and laughs with their children.

The screeching of seagulls cease every now and then. A man with a naked torso sits outside one of the restaurants, enjoying the sunshine. Several joggers run by. They wear some bright colors like green and blue as opposed to the dull shades worn by the visitors or people who are sitting on the benches. The silhouette of a Muslim family of four plasters the sand, a few feet away from the brilliant blue of the ocean. They all wear black, with the oldest member in a long black abaya and her head covered in a hijab. The three women are holding hands as they walk. The man in the family walks on ahead.


Clad in olive pants and an olive jacket, a young man looks at the ocean from the railings of the boardwalk. He tries to take several pictures of himself using his iPhone. He takes a look at it on his phone, hesitates, and then poses for himself again.

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