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Organizations like FIDO pet lost-and-found and adoption service in Prospect Heights recommend microchipping. Although not a tracking device, microchipping helps someone more easily find the owner in case the pet gets lost. All your registration data, the owner’s address, is stored on the miniscule device which is inserted into the animal’s shoulder tissue.  Prices for the procedure vary. The information below courtesy of Robert Vazquez, behaviorist and kennel supervisor at Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC):

Home Again  http://public.homeagain.com/
24PetWatch     1-866-597-2424     www.24petwatch.com
AKC     1-800-252-7894     www.akccar.com
AVID     1-800-336-2843     www.avidid.com
Banfield     1-877-567-8738     www.banfield.net
Bayer resQ     1-877-738-5465     www.petlink.net
HomeAgain     1-888-466-3242     www.homeagain.com



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