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The Brooklyn Nets are moving to their new home at Barclays Center—and the team planned to unveil its new logo on Monday, April 20. But the new logo isn’t going to be much of a surprise to anyone. Since Wednesday, it’s been the talk of Twitter and blogs.

According to The New York Post and The Gothamist multiple sources outside the Nets organization have confirmed that the leaked logo is the actual one that will be revealed officially on Monday.

The leaked images show a black and white shield with the words: NETS and an image of a basketball and a large B representing Brooklyn placed at the center of the ball.

Source: The New York Post

How the team will be received in Brooklyn is yet to be seen, of course, but on a
sunny Friday afternoon outside of the Barclays Center, Brooklynites decidedly gave the logo of their borough’s newest sports team their distinct opinions

“This is their new logo? Oh come on, they can do better than that,” Johnny Five, who is from Brooklyn said.

Although Five is a little disappointed with the logo, he is still very excited that the Nets are moving to Brooklyn.

“They got to prove themselves first. Once they are in Brooklyn, they got to represent Brooklyn,” Five said. “The first time game is like the first impression, so how they do in their first game here we will find out, and that will tell us the rest.”

Some basketball fans expressed nostalgia for the team’s old logo.

“The new logo looks simple, and gets the message there, but I like the old one better.” Rogel Quirona said.

And of course others on the downtown Plaza on Friday gave the new team’s new look the thumbs up.

“It looks good,” Wade Mooney said. “I like that! I am a Nets fun now just from the logo!”

Yulanda Quinones, a native of Brooklyn, could care less about the logo, she is just excited that the Nets are coming to Brooklyn. For her, the logo doesn’t matter that much.

“They should have been here long time ago, I am proud of Jay Z, and I am so excited!,” she said. “I can’t wait for them to come!

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