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James Goldcrown

James Goldcrown works in Williamsburg on the corner of North 7th Street and Bedford Avenue. Sometimes. He knows he’s doing well when pedestrians approach his mobile art gallery, Art Moves, point to a piece of artwork and say, “I’ll take that one!”

His whimsical collages range in price, from $100 to as much as $1500. Artwork over $600 comes with delivery and installation for an additional $100.
People are buying. Business is good.

Goldcrown came to New York City from London to be a part of the art scene. He’d worked as a fashion photographer before striking out on his own, selling his work and that of several other artists from his mobile gallery. He roams across the borough and Manhattan looking for art-loving folks.

Goldcrown measures economic success simply. “If I’m doing well, I’m in demand.” The truck looks like a food truck that sells artwork rather than, say, artisanal tacos. It is his sole means of support.
“If I came from money, I wouldn’t have the drive to always go out and sell art,” he says. “I have to make it work. It has to work.”

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