Cause of Fire at Flatbush Synagogue Still Unknown

Home Crime Cause of Fire at Flatbush Synagogue Still Unknown

synagogue-psThe first and second floor of a small synagogue on 1073 E 27th Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn caught fire on Thursday morning, fire department officials said.

Frank Dwyer, spokesperson for the FDNY, said late Thursday afternoon that the cause of the fire, which broke out at 9:50 a.m., is still under investigation.

A witness and neighbor who lives opposite the street and asked not to be identified said that the daughter of the household managed to escape the flames. “The cause of the fire may have been a candle,” she added.

Over 100 firefighters arrived at the scene combating the fire in an outside operation. The FDNY said that one firefighter was injured during the operation.

The fire blazed for roughly four hours and was controlled by 1:02 p.m.

“A Torah, located on the third floor of the Synagogue, could be removed from the third floor of the house and saved for the congregation,” said Dwyer.

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