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Jason Adans, former executive editor at Entertainment Weekly, says his plans for the Fourth of July are Quintessential American: a beer, a hot dog and some fireworks with family.
Jason Adans sips an iced tea on his walk home in Boerum Hill. Rachel Lowry/The Brooklyn Ink

“Everything I do is American,“ says Jason Adans, a Boerum Hill resident wearing a casual white V-neck tee and shades, even on a sweltering 90-degree afternoon.

Adans said he would be spending the Fourth of July in Brooklyn, watching fireworks with his sister and her kids. “I’m sure that at some point I’ll have a domestic beer, eat a hot dog and get chills over being an American,” he says. “As much as I did watching Tim Howard.”

His gratitude to this country is grounded in the opportunities provided him here, he says. As former executive editor of Entertainment Weekly for 11 years in New York, he says his time in the U.S. has been rich and fulfilling thus far. However, he recently left the industry, due to what he describes as a flux in the business.

“The amount of creative space and resources and workload has changed significantly and now there is a lot more churning,” he says. “And then of course that 24/7 Internet was kind of a thankless mistress.”

Adans, a Chicago native, moved to San Francisco before coming to New York to write. “This place became home,” he says.

Adans has lived in Boerum Hill, on and off, for about 15 years. However, the place he calls home is changing, he says. “There is a lot of money.” Adans envisions moving back to the West Coast and living in an up-and-coming mid-sized city. But until then, he says enjoys his summers in Brooklyn with family over some hot dogs and a cold beer.

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