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Ivy Wong traveled to visit her family in California
Ivy Wong traveled to visit her family in California for Independence Day weekend

As one of the biggest national holidays of the year, Independence Day, was approaching, DUMBO residents were preparing to celebrate. Among them was Ivy Wong, a recent transplant from California.

Wong, an Asian-American female in her twenties, originally from San Francisco, has been living in New York for about a year. About 5-foot four-inches tall, with dark mid-length hair and sparkly brown eyes, she eagerly shared her plans for the holiday: She would travel to California to visit her family, including her parents and her uncles and aunts.

Wong looks forward to doing what she calls, “all the traditional American stuff.” The “stuff” includes “barbequing, watching fireworks, and eating.” When asked what food Wong’s family prepares for their Independence Day barbecue, she says that it is a true feast, “with hotdogs, steak, and vegetables.” There is no secret grandma recipe for these delicacies; however, the whole family takes part in preparing the food.

Wong says she was hoping that everyone would have a great holiday.











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