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Evan and Vlad
Evan Bellantone and Vladimir Pick in Clinton Hill on June 29, 2014  Natalie Meade| The Brooklyn Ink

Vlad Pick was waiting for his buddy Evan Bellantone, resident of Clinton Hill. The two 26 year olds were going for a bike ride around Brooklyn on Sunday, June 29.  Both were generous enough to share their most American plans for the Independence Day weekend.

Vlad stood tall with a black bicycle helmet in hand. He had brown hair and was clean-shaven. He was dressed in a loose-fitting grey T-shirt and black athletic shorts with blue tennis rackets on them. He was equipped for physical activity.  Vlad is originally from Romania, but the average New Yorker would not know that, since he speaks with a clean American accent. Throughout his nine years in New York City, Vlad has adapted to the culture in the United States.

To celebrate Independence Day in a most American fashion, Vlad and six of his friends were planning to watch fireworks and barbecue at Copake Lake. They will spend the weekend at a lake house in that small community in upstate New York, approximately two hours from Manhattan.

While Vlad was describing the swimming, bike riding, and paddle boating that would ensue, Evan rolled his black and blue bicycle out of his red brick apartment building. Evan is average height with dark brown hair and a promising beard.  He was dressed in a grey T-shirt, snug grey denim shorts, and grey Nikes.  He has a strong personality and an impressive vocabulary, which he attributes to reading many books.

Evan said he would be sharing a bottle of sake with his parents in “bucolic” New Hampshire for the Fourth of July. At some point, he will venture to the beach in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where he will savor fresh local oysters and fried clams.

When asked why he would not spend the weekend watching the fireworks over the Hudson, Evan said, “It’s too hot in New York City.”



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