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Doughnuts All Over Greenpoint

[imagebrowser id=17]   The windows of the Polish stores and bakeries in Greenpoint on Thursday were full of doughnuts. Extra-large, Polish-style doughnuts.  Doughnuts in chocolate, powder, white frosting; with pieces of caramelized oranges on the top, with fillings ranging from cherry, coconut, chocolate and cream to traditional Polish rose jam. It’s because it was Fat...


Brooklyn Remembers Ed Koch

The first day of February, a Friday, seemed like every other day  as workers rushed to board trains and buses. But  as the news about former mayor Ed Koch’s death spread out,, some Brooklynite stopped to share their thoughts about the mayor’s legacy with the The Brooklyn Ink. Koch died at 2 a.m. just a...


Paying for Gas with Plastic is No Longer a Price Mystery

Big Apple’s drivers might soon see a new element on gas stations’ road signs:  information about what it would cost to buy a gallon of gasoline in cash as opposed to using a credit card. Right now, many gas stations in the city only show cash prices. The gas station bill, introduced by Council Member...