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Keith Phoenix Back in Court For Second Murder Trial

Keith Phoenix, was back in court yesterday to face murder charges, after his first trial ended in a mistrial. Phoenix is charged with being one of two men responsible for the death of Ecuadorian immigrant, Jose Sucuzhanay, in what prosecutors say was a hate-related crime.


Attendance Dropping At Brooklyn Museum

Though its effort to lure younger crowds with exhibits like “Star Wars” and “Hip-Hop Nation” are working, the overall attendance has dropped 23 percent from its 2009 numbers. Is the Brooklyn Museum’s new reality show a smart marketing move or a sign of desperation?


Greenpoint Food Market Closing Doors

The Greenpoint Food Market, a quirky, independent-spirit type of food market, has folded due to a lack of commercial food handling permits. Is this the city’s way to crack down on those who sell potentially unsafe food or squeeze a few bucks more out of residents?