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Scary Anti-Semite Now Behind Bars

Prosecutors announced today that Ivalyo Ivanov (not to be confused with the Bulgarian soccer player) pled guilty to drawing swatstikas on several Brooklyn Heights synagogues, as well as hoarding a chache of guns and explosives in his apartment. Ivanov, arrested two years ago, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.By all accounts, Ivanov was a committed Nazi...


Update On What We’re Following

The fallout continues from that vicious brawl that broke out in a Bay Ridge bar last week. Our Mustafa Mehdi is there now, getting all the details. UPDATE: Mustafa went, and found . . . not much. The area seems to have quieted down, and people have moved on.


Two Stories About Haitians In Brooklyn

New York has more Haitian immigrants than anywhere else in the world–and a great number of them live in Brooklyn. On Saturday, WNYC went to Medgar Evers College in Crown Heights to talk to undocumented Haitian immigrants applying for Temporary Protected Status, which will allow them to stay in the U.S. for another 18 months in...


Brooklyn Dems Worth A Lot–But The Ink Knows How Divided They Are

The Daily News’ Elizabeth Benjamin writes about Harold Ford (pictured left) and Kirsten Gillibrand’s battle to gain the support of New York county political bosses. Why? Because county leaders have considerable sway over the county committee members who actually vote at the state’s nominating convention. It takes 25 percent of the votes to get on the ballot....


Morning Roundup | Feb.4

Welcome to the new and improved Brooklyn Ink! We are bigger and better than ever, and the Daily Roundup has been transformed into a round-the-clock center for everything that’s happening in New York’s best borough. Here’s the biggest news this morning: The attorney for Daniel Ignacio, the man arrested for allegedly setting the fire that...