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Apprehension Among Brooklyn Pharmacists

by Danielle Bengsch The reaction among a sampling of Brooklyn pharmacists to the bill’s passage ranges skepticism to confusion about what its impact will be. “We just don’t know yet what is going to happen,” said Derek Durham of Prospect Garden Pharmacy in Park Slope. He hopes to get some information from the pharmaceutical board....


Nursing Homes Wary of Health Care Change

by Sarah Butrymowicz It’s too soon to say how nursing homes in the Bronx – and all over the country – will feel the impact of the health care bill, but there are some causes for concern, experts say. Patrick Cucinelli, senior director of public policy solutions at New York Association of Homes and Services...


Worries at Montefiore Medical Center

by Selamawit Gebrekidan At the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx there is concern that the new bill will cut in half the annual funds the hospital had received from the government for low-income patient care. The medical center expects to receive only $50 million in what is known as the Disproportionate Share Hospital fund....


No Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

by Sam Fellman The sweeping health care reform bill passed by Congress will benefit many immigrants, who now qualify for tax credits and more affordable insurance. However, because it bars undocumented immigrants from the new private insurance exchanges, critics say it runs counter to the goal of greater access to health care. The city estimates...


Historic Student Loan Changes Also on Tap

by Ryan Tracy The bill even revamps the federal government’s system for making loans to college students.  The loans would now be given to students directly, eliminating a decades-old program whereby private banks made student loans based on a government guarantee. For more than 100 current Yeshiva University students who hold loans under the soon-to-be-ended...