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Health Care Law Likely To Help Freelancers

by Alyson Martin The lowest wage earning city freelancers will likely find relief with their health insurance under the healthcare bill signed by President Barack Obama Tuesday, but the middle-class freelancers will still struggle. The Freelancers Union has historically fought for affordable, quality healthcare for the city’s independent workers. The signing of the bill will...


Bronx and Brooklyn Health Care at the Starting Line

by Jennifer Brookland As hard-fought health insurance legislation comes across President Obama’s desk, the economic problems of the Bronx are apparent in the places people get their insurance. One in five people in the Bronx were on Medicaid as of 2008, the highest percentage of all the boroughs, according to city data. About 180,000 people...


The Cost for Small Business

by Matthew Huisman Carl Hum, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, said the health care bill will help expand the coverage offered to the workforce and emphasized that a healthy workforce is essential for any successful business. “From a business perspective it only makes sense that health care is provided for employees,” Hum said, referring...


Brooklyn’s Unhappy Republicans

by Danielle Bengsch Republicans willing to speak about the bill’s passage were either unhappy or outraged.

Leon Nadrowski is a surgeon, internist and speaker for the Republicans in Brooklyn. He is also local leader of the Republican Party in the 50th Assembly District that includes Williamsburg and Greenpoint. “I find socialized medicine is on the horizon,”...


City Councilor Says Bill Falls Short

by Matthew Huisman Longtime community activist Charles Barron, who has represented the 42nd district of Brownsville and Canarsie as well as parts of East New York and Flatbush for nine years, said the new health care bill creates more questions than it answers due to the size and scale of the legislation. “Before the bill...