A Child’s Perfect Crime

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By Derrick Taylor

Photo by Taylor/Brooklyn Ink.
Photo by Taylor/Brooklyn Ink.

The bakery, La Table Exquise, opened the other night in Bedford-Stuyvesant and families and friends came to Tompkins Street in groups. Not quite lost among the grownups was a little curly head boy who was 3 years old. He was loud and energetic and he wore jeans and a little jacket that fit him perfectly. He walked quickly and with purpose, as 3 year olds want to do. He was at the party with his parents but didn’t feel the need act grown up.

As all the adults schmoozed, talking about nothing in particular, the boy set his sights on the hors d’oeuvres table. He stared at the little baked goods sprinkled with white powder sugar spread across the table. His eyes lit up as he saw the variety.

He stood on his toes and reached over with his little arms and with his small hand and tried to grab a white chocolate fruit cup with white chocolate and raspberries.

His first attempt ended with his knocking over several pastries. They landed on the floor and he didn’t seem concerned. He noted that they had fallen and then tried again. And again.

At last, on his third try, he retrieved the treasure that had eluded him. He paused and looked around. No one looked down at him. He shoved part of the fruit cup into his mouth. His hands were sticky and wet. His eyes got big.

The remains of the treat were on his hands and shirt. He smiled as if he had committed the perfect crime. He then ran and yelled. And for a moment all the adults who had barely noticed him quieted down and then laughed.

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