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The price of milk is one of the most varied in grocery stores across the Bronx and Brooklyn. Nikhil Kumar / The Brooklyn Ink

The staffs of the Brooklyn and Bronx Inks visited 33 supermarkets across the two boroughs to determine where are the highest—and lowest—prices for basic grocery items. The results are below on the embedded map.

Red markers indicate above average prices, yellow indicates median prices, and green represent supermarkets with the all-around best deals. Clicking on each marker brings up a list of prices from that particular supermarket—items marked in green are sale prices or especially good deals compared to the average, while red items are overpriced.

Please check out below the list of researched items paired with their average prices across both boroughs. However, caveat emptor, prices collected at the time may have changed since the publication of data. Additionally, some supermarkets did not, at the time, carry some of the basic items we chose for our list—the lack of item factored negatively into a supermarket’s overall rating.

One gallon whole milk ($3.30)
One dozen large eggs ($2.10)
One pound Land O’ Lakes Butter ($4.30)
One 64 oz. bottle of Ocean Spray grapefruit juice ($3.90)
One half-gallon of Tropicana orange juice ($3.60)
One roll of Bounty paper towels ($1.90)
One loaf of Arnold brand whole wheat bread ($2.60)
One bunch of green leaf lettuce ($1.50)
One pound of green peppers ($2.50)
One pound of red peppers ($3.90)
One family-sized box of Cheerios ($5.20)
One box of Barilla brand spaghetti ($1.40)

Produced by Joseph Alexiou and Sarah Butrymowicz
Photos by Nikhil Kumar
Map design by Selam Berhe

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