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By Melanie Brisbon

Good Morning!

Welcome to the Brooklyn Ink!  Here’s what we’re going to follow in the coming week.

*New Yorkers know the name “Brooklyn” is leveraged to market products and services throughout the city, but many businesses outside the state are also using the Brooklyn brand to promote their products. The Ink will explore why businesses from a dog groomer in Chicago to a Jazz Café in Dallas to a skateboard shop in Los Angeles are selling the Brooklyn brand to people far away from Brooklyn.

*Brooklyn native, Maksim Gelman, is accused of going on a stabbing spree that left four people dead and wounded four more.  The crime garnered national attention and resonated deeply within the Sheepshead Bay community.  This week, we’ll talk to a Brooklyn College professor about that community and how Gelman’s case may signal a larger, societal issue.

*Williamsburg fashion weekend took place on February 18 and 19.  It was a weekend filled with art, fun and fashion. Stay tuned as we show you the latest fashions local designers are trying to bring to your area.

*This week, we’ll also explore the rise and fall of Paul Robeson High School.  We’ll do an in depth look at how and why the school began. Then, we will examine the challenges the school faced and what ultimately led to its recent closure. Did it fail on its own or was it allowed to fail?

*The 83rd Annual Academy Awards will be held this Sunday.  Stay tuned as we  take an in depth look at Brooklyn in the movies, and ask Brooklynites their pick as for THE Brooklyn movie.

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