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By Lillian Rizzo

As a Brooklynite without a car driver’s license, I’ve always wondered whether I was alone. It turns out less than half of Brooklyn’s residents have licenses and about 30 percent actually own a car. Here the Ink breaks down the numbers of who is actually on Brooklyn’s streets, the BQE and the Belt Parkway.


The number of licensed drivers in Brooklyn is approximately 40 percent of its population of 2,567,098. Kings County comes in second place behind Queens, with 1,044,265 licensed drivers, in the boroughs. Staten Island comes in last with only 293,730 licensed drivers.

Hot Rods…


Male licensed drivers in Brooklyn.

…and Mustang Sallies


Female licensed drivers in the same borough.

Tickets to ride


Just about 31 percent of Brooklyn’s licensed drivers actually own a vehicle.

131,617 people own just one vehicle

54,349 people own two vehicles

11,043 people own three vehicles

2,524 people own four vehicles

751 own five or more vehicles.

Streetcars that are desired


Number of drivers in Brooklyn who do not even own a car.

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz



Average income of a household without a car in Brooklyn.


Average income of a household with a car.

Ride with us

How Brooklynites, ages 16 and over, commute to work every day:

638, 904 take a form of public transportation to work.

217,783 people drive to work alone every day from/in Brooklyn.

90,971 people walk

57,016 people carpool.

38,004 don’t commute at all. They work from home.

20,560 people take a taxi or drive a motorcycle or bicycle to work.

Kings of the road


People between the ages of 35 and 64 who own the most vehicles in Brooklyn. Only 7,140 between the ages of 15 to 34 own cars. People 65 and over own 27,905 cars.

Riding along in my automobile


people in Brooklyn have a registered standard vehicle.

Easy riders


people have registered motorcycles.

Ring the alarm


registered ambulances in Brooklyn, the most in any of the five boroughs.

(These registration numbers exclude vehicles with suspended, revoked or surrendered plates.)

Workin’ at the…


Gas and service stations


Used car dealerships


New car dealerships


Car washes


Motorcycle dealers. There are no used or antique dealers and just one motorcycle supply store in Brooklyn.


Limo dealership


Recreational dealership- 47 Street Photo at 1635 McDonald Avenue sells campers and pick-up coaches and is the only dealership in the borough to do so.


Motor home retailers

Sources: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

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and Reference USA of Infogroup

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