The Week Ahead: February 28- March 4


By Aliza Moorji

Good morning Brooklynites! Here’s The Week Ahead for the Brooklyn Ink.

*We’ll explore the rise and fall of Paul Robeson High School and take a look at the beginnings of the school and the seeds of its ultimate closing. We’ll examine the challenges it faced: Did it fail on its own, or was it allowed to fail?

*Writer Henry Miller lived in Brooklyn for the first thirty years of his life, where he developed his writing voice. He called himself “a local patriot” of the borough. One of our reporters follows his footstep— from Williamsburg to Bushwick to Brooklyn Heights—to explore Henry Miller’s Brooklyn and how Brooklyn entered his work.

*Harry Van Arsdale’s boys’ basketball team went from the worst last season to making it to the playoffs this season. With the help of new coach, Nathan Thornhill, the players refocused and recommitted themselves to the game. The story examines how it happened, and the phenomenon of the turnaround season.

*As an immediate response to the September 11 attacks, law enforcement authorities used federal immigration laws to detain illegal aliens suspected of having possible ties to terrorism. The overwhelming majority of those detained were immigrants from Muslim countries. These detentions had a chilling affect on Muslim communities in Brooklyn. Our reporter breaks down the numbers to reveal the impact 9/11 had on immigrant communities in Brooklyn.

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