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Teacher Layoffs Through Time

By Aliza Moorji Teacher layoffs are nothing new; schools have always been a target for budget cuts. The city’s schools are now in the heat of yet another proposed round of cuts that may mean the loss of 4,675 teachers across the city—1,000 in Brooklyn alone. The Ink takes you back 40 years to take...


The Conversation: How to Talk to the Bereaved

By Aliza Moorji Photos by Tatiana Sanchez and Amaris Castillo [imagebrowser id=7] The first thing that Pat Marmo asks the bereaved is to tell him about the deceased. Then he asks about the funeral. Marmo is manager of Schaefer Funeral Home in Bay Ridge. He has been in the funeral business since 1991. He took...


The Week Ahead: February 28- March 4

By Aliza Moorji Good morning Brooklynites! Here’s The Week Ahead for the Brooklyn Ink. *We’ll explore the rise and fall of Paul Robeson High School and take a look at the beginnings of the school and the seeds of its ultimate closing. We’ll examine the challenges it faced: Did it fail on its own, or...


Two Minutes with Dr. Jerome Krase

By Amaris Castillo, Aliza Moorji, and Tatiana Sanchez The Brooklyn Ink spoke to Dr. Jerome Krase, a sociology professor from Brooklyn College, to share his views on how a large crime can have a lasting impact on a community.