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Brooklyn-born Activist Promises Co-Ed Showers If Elected As Mayor

Having become somewhat of a New York City icon, political activist and infamous Union Square character, Roman Shusterman, who resides in Sheepshead Bay, has decided to run for mayor. Is he serious about winning? Not really. But a conversation with the Brooklyn native, reveals a genuine method and sincerity to his madness.


Brooklyn Classroom Aide Pleads Guilty To Plethora of Lewd Acts

Taleek Brooks, a school aide at Brooklyn’s PS 243, who would dress up an Easter Bunny to entertain children,  pleaded guilty to filming an 11-year old student masturbating in a classroom. In addition to that, Brooks pleaded guilty to distribution of child pornography on the internet and is awaiting trail for child molestation. Read more...


Facebook and Twitter Help Brooklyn Cops Catch Social Media Loving Criminals

In Brownsville, one of Brooklyn’s most dangerous neighborhoods, police officers can use all the help they can get. Fortunately for them, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made tracking and identifying criminals significantly easier–especially when the bad guys have a penchant for posting incriminating tweets and pics. Read more at