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For the Moment, Brooklyn Sticks With Paterson

By Christopher Alessi Brooklyn Democratic leaders continue to rally publicly behind Gov. David Paterson, even as his political future becomes more uncertain with each passing day. Many of the county’s key Democrats, particularly black officials, have made it clear they would like to see the governor complete his remaining nine months in office. Despite mounting...


At Immaculée, Talk of Haiti Earthquake Ebbs

By Clare O’Connor Inside Immaculée Haitian Restaurant and Bakery, there’s a big-screen TV on the back wall, its volume turned up. ESPN is on, but no one is paying attention to the golf on the screen, just chatting to each other in Creole and forming a line. On January 12, the day of the earthquake...


The Sister’s Room

By Stefanos Chen The stairs leading to the fourth floor of the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park are winding and narrow, which is why Sister Mary Paul Janchill used the elevator in her later years. By the time you reach the fourth floor entrance, you can already smell her smell, says a staff...