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Follow Up: Judge Rules a ‘Mistrial’ in Conspiracy Case

Yaffi Spodek reports from court: After the summations, the defendant’s lawyer, Michael Sheinberg,requested a motion for a mistrial on the grounds that the opposing counsel made improper comments about the murder, noting that close to a dozen of his objections had been sustained. “We’re past the point where the court could repair an impaired judgment...


Sexy Lane Bryant Ad Airs on Fox

A plus-size Brooklyn model, Ashley Graham, was featured in a controversial Lane Bryant ad that aired on Fox last night. Prior to the airing it had been banned by both Fox and ABC for allegedly being too sexual. Graham and Lane Bryant had accused the networks of being uncomfortable with a plus-size model wearing lingerie. []...


Nurse Stabbed to Death in Canarsie: Daily News

The New York Daily News reported that a Brooklyn nurse and mother of three was stabbed to death in the basement of her home Wednesday night in front of her 12-year-old son and a nephew – allegedly by her husband, police and a relative said. Cops found the body of Martiza Jolliffe, 53, at 7:20 p.m., triggering a...


Countdown Clocks Coming to Brooklyn Intersections: NY Post

The New York Post reported that pedestrians crossing the city’s most dangerous intersections will be getting a hand soon from countdown clocks. Thousands of the timing devices are going to go up across the five boroughs after an exhaustive 17-month experiment showed that they’re safety boosters — at least for some of the widest streets with...


‘Dead Man’s Switch’ Activated on G Train

Domenick Occhiogrosso of Brooklyn had a heart attack yesterday morning while driving a subway train. Shortly after pulling the “G” train out of a Queens terminal, Occhiogrosso collapsed. His fall activated a special switch, known as the “Dead Man’s Switch,” which immediately stopped the train as if an emergency brake was pulled. After the subway...


Brooklyn State Senator Calls Colleagues ‘White Supremacists’

NY State Senator Kevin Parker, a Brooklyn Democrat, condemned  his fellow senators as “white supremacists” yesterday. “There’s only one kind of racism that’s functional in the world, and that’s white supremacy,” Parker said during a radio interview yesterday morning. He added, “And that’s what John DeFrancisco and a lot of the Republicans are,” referring to...