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L.A. Dodgers Sue For Brooklyn

A Brooklyn burger vendor is being sued by the Los Angeles Dodgers for trademark infringement. The Dodgers filed a complaint against Brooklyn Burger last week, the New York Daily News reported, for their logo with the cursive “Brooklyn.” The logo was last used by the baseball team in 1957 before they relocated across the country....


Clearing Out Coney Island

Coney Island’s Luna Park will be empty soon, and not due to the cold temperatures. Nine of the 11 remaining businesses, including Shoot the Freak on the boardwalk, received letters from landlord Zamperla to close up shop permanently by Nov. 15. The only surviving establishments will be Nathan’s, the Beach Shop souvenir store and Lola...


Out of Pocket

Brooklyn’s income and spending by the numbers Brooklyn’s 2.5 million residents are spending more now, but getting less for their money. Transportation costs are high, weekly wages are low, and nearly 1 million people are on some form of government assistance compared to about 592,000 people in 2000. Even seemingly bright spots, like a steady...


Missionary Finds a Graying Flock

By Lillian Rizzo
At the age of 79, Peters is a missionary from a Passionist monastery in Jamaica, Queens. He visited the church at 430 Avenue W to give a series of talks on becoming a more dedicated Catholic and creating a better life.


Family Hears Confession It Can’t Accept

by Lillian Rizzo Ramel Fletcher’s family and friends came to room 36 of Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday to hear the testimony of Darrell Morse, who stands accused of Ramel’s murder. There were nine of them — Ramel’s mother, aunt, cousins and friends. They sat at a distance from one another, occupying the right side of...


Screams and a Gravesend Murder

By Lillian Rizzo Rocky Feliciano had been sitting in the garage at Treacy Auto at 1725 Gravesend Neck Road on a Friday evening when he heard a scream from across the street. He figured it was just another noise coming from a neighbor, he said, and so did not respond. But a few minutes later...