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A real estate kingdom in Brownsville

by Louis Imbert Gin Ho enjoys an unlikely street credibility in Brownsville. On a recent Monday morning, this 63 year-old, swift-moving, 5-foot-tall Taiwanese immigrant walked by a heavily drunk man who was menacing passers-by on Pitkin Avenue, west of Rockaway Boulevard. The man, who is in his thirties and calls himself “Chino,” recognized Ho, a...


Carl Kruger, By the Numbers

By Louis Imbert, Ivana Kottasová, and Evan MacDonald When Manhattan federal investigators charged state senator Carl Kruger and seven others as part of an alleged bribery scheme yesterday, it shed light on one of the state’s least-known but most influential politicians. The FBI had reportedly been investigating Kruger since 2007 amid allegations he accepted money...


Brooklyn’s Theater Collector

By Louis Imbert Orlando Lopes goes to the movies every Monday at 1 p.m. at a $2 classic films show, the week’s cheapest. But his pleasure is always limited, not because of the film, but because of the venue. Invariably, he sees movies in a multiplex. That is the problem. Lopes hates them. He loves...


Brooklyn’s Love Numbers

By Elisabeth Anderson Happy Valentine’s Day, Brooklyn. We wanted to get you roses, but the logistics are proving a challenge. So instead, we present you with our earnest gift of affection: facts and stats about relationships in the borough you call home. We know, “Valentine’s Day” and “statistics” is an odd pair. But indulge us...