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Recent Rutgers Study Paints Bleak Employment Picture in New York

A Rutgers University study indicates that only seven percent of American workers surveyed believe they have recovered from the recession. Thirty-six percent felt that that they have experienced a major setback that has left them in financially poor shape. The Rutgers study reveals that most Americans have experienced some kind of financial loss that has...


Millions of Women Are Missing, But Does Anyone Notice?

There are 163 million females missing in Asia.  But no one is searching for them. They were victims of sex selection procedures – mostly abortions – in societies that favor sons over daughters. The disproportionate ratio of males over females in many countries, particularly China and India, is growing at an alarming rate. And Mara...


Bay Ridge Seniors to Government: Help!

Elderly Bay Ridge residents are still uncertain about the future of their senior centers eight months after the city nearly shut two of them down because of proposed state budget cuts. According to New York City’s latest budget function analysis report, state and federal funding provide more than half of the city’s finances for senior...