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Judge Blasts NYPD, Convicts Rogue Detective

Judge Gustin Reichbach tore the skin off of the New York Police Department this morning. He called the mindset in a Brooklyn narcotics unit one that “seemingly embraces a cowboy culture where anything goes in the never-ending war on drugs.” Then he delivered his verdict on the case of Detective Jason Arbeeny, who stood accused...


A Sentencing, and a Mother’s Goodbye

Mwata Alcindor’s mom arrived in court at 10 a.m. even though her son was not scheduled to be sentenced until 11a.m. She took a seat in the second to last row. Her face showed no emotion. Her eyes never strayed from the judge as she patiently sat through one trial, waiting for her son to appear. Finally, at...


A Brief And Angry Encounter

The man with the army backpack took a seat on the train. He pulled a torn and marked up Bible out of his bag and began to read it. The A train was full but not packed–all but one of the seats were taken and very few people were standing. The empty seat was perpendicular...