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Brooklyn Soul Fan Booted Off Flight

A Brooklyn woman was kicked off of an American Airlines flight after she refused to stop singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. Margaret Gay, 50, was flying from Los Angeles to New York when passengers and stewards grew fed up with her warbling. The plane was diverted to Kansas City, where Gay was...


Brooklyn Car Crash Leaves Woman Dead

Connecticut resident Ayisha Dobson was speeding east on Williamsburg Bridge  on Monday when she lost control of her car and slammed into a metal divider. Her passenger, 21-year-old Janice Dobson, was thrown onto the road and found dead by emergency personnel. Dobson, 23, faces charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, DWI, and reckless driving, police...


Claims Against Detective Prompt Brooklyn Murder Case Review

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office will review 50 murder cases handled by retired Brooklyn detective Louis Scarcella, after investigators found he relied on a drug-addled prostitute as an eyewitness for multiple murder prosecutions, and reported confessions from suspects who later denied saying them. A March inquiry into Scarcella’s work led to the overturning of a...


Biting Brooklyn Escapes Death Row, Exiled Instead

A Pit Bull mix, who spent a year on death row after biting a young girl, has been granted amnesty. Saved by an animal rights group, Brooklyn,who is eight-years-old and deaf,  will not be allowed to return to his namesake borough. Read more at the New York Daily News.


Defiant Furniture Maker Reopens After Sandy

A Brooklyn Navy yard counter and tabletop factory reopened this week after Hurricane Sandy submerged it six months ago. IceStone lost close to $1 million of equipment, including 70 motors and 5,000 electrical relays. But intrepid workers, many with company shares, have restarted production. Read more at The New York Times.


Anarchist Refuses to Speak Before Times Square Bombing Jury

A Brooklyn man could be jailed for contempt of court, after refusing to testify before a federal grand jury that may be looking into the Times Square bombing of 2008. Gerald Koch, a self-described anarchist, believes he is defending individual rights against “fear-mongering and government intimidation.” Read more at The New York Times.