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Two Teens; Two Cases; Two Paths; Two Months Later

By: Tatiana Sanchez Kendall Smith returns to room 19.11 of the Brooklyn Supreme Court with handcuffs around her wrists and a visible belly. It is two months after her last court date. There is no hiding her pregnancy now. Her figure has filled out. She’s replaced her dark skinny jeans with gray sweatpants and a...


Brooklyn’s Houses of Worship

By Tatiana Sanchez Brooklyn may be known as “The Borough of Churches.” But faith in the borough does not stop there. The Ink decided to tally up just how many places the borough has to pray. 680 The number of Evangelical Protestant congregations -174 Pentecostal “Other” -86 Baptist “Other” -58 Seventh Day Adventists -42 Churches...


Two Teens; Two Cases; Two Paths

By Tatiana Sanchez Kendall Smith rises as the bailiff calls her name. Her hands are tucked into her back pockets to conceal the handcuffs around her wrists. She is 17 and looks it. She was arrested at her home last week for failing to show up in court. Now she stands before Judge Sheryl Parker...


The Art of a Haircut

By Aliza Moorji and Tatiana Sanchez

Everyone's haircut tells a story. Ashley Sullivan talks about her experience as a hairstylist for Hair Metal Salon, a rock metal salon located in the heart of Williamsburg. She has been working there for a year and a half.